Troubleshooting / FAQ’s

My Bialetti leaks water or steam out the sides.

  • Check the ring, and replace if worn.
    Replacement rings can be purchased from spare parts or your Bialetti stockist.
  • Ensure the top of the water chamber and the ring are clean and free from coffee grounds
  • Ensure you are not using a grind of coffee that is too fine, and it is subsequently getting caught in the spout where the coffee normally comes out. If it is, get yourself a pipe cleaner, take out the ring and filter and give the upper spout a good clean from the underneath side
  • Ensure the coffeemaker is firmly screwed together

Coffee does not come up to the top.

  • Check filter plate is clean and clear of debris. Replace if worn.
    Replacement filters can be purchased from spare parts or your Bialetti stockist.
  • Check funnel fits snuggly into bottom chamber (1) and is not bent out of shape or worn around the edges.
    Replacement funnels can be purchased from spare parts or your Bialetti stockist.
  • Ensure the coffee grinds are NOT packed into the funnel as this hinders the flow of the water.
  • Your grind may be too coarse or too fine. Bialetti stovetop coffeemakers work best with an espresso ground.

The inside of my coffee maker has gone a white colour.

  • This usually happens when the coffeemaker is not dried properly, causing the aluminum to naturally oxidise. To clean the inside, use a dish brush and warm water with a little white vinegar added, and dry thoroughly before storing.

My handle has broken.

  • Usually the result of using the handle as a lever to open or close the coffeemaker. Remember to wait for the coffeemaker to cool down and then open by grasping the top and bottom sections and twisting.
    A replacement handle (Moka Express only) can be fitted for a small charge. Please contact us or your Bialetti stockist to arrange this service.
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