The Art of Frothing Milk

Using Bialetti’s Tuttocrema, you can create rich, velvety and smooth milk without investing in an expensive espresso machine.

  1. Fill the Bialetti Tuttocrema no more than 1/3 full with milk. Blue top or full fat milk will give you the best result but any milk will be fine.
  2. If your Tuttocrema is aluminium, first remove the frother, then place Tuttocrema on the stovetop, or if you are using the glass variety, first remove the frother, then place it in the microwave. Gently heat until the milk is approximately 70°C.
  3. Remove from the heat and replace the frother. Pump several times then remove the frother.
  4. Surf the milk – swirl the jug for a few seconds – this will cause the milk to be velvety and creamy.
  5. The microfoam (which is what you want for a Flat White) will rest at the bottom of the jug so use a spoon to hold back the top foam while pouring.
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